Forest School


At St Andrew’s CofE Primary School,  our Forest School provides a nurturing space that supports our children’s wellbeing by providing and implementing positive, outdoor, child centred experiences in a natural setting.


Children participating in Forest Schools have a half day session weekly. Our provision is in a woodland and fielded area at the back of the school. We also access the Spinney and help look after this environment.  These two hours provide children with the time to experience their environment and be fully emerged within their learning. Our Level three trained Forest School provider leads Forest School sessions across a variety of age ranges and children’s skills are developed as they progress through the school. Children develop practical skills such as knot tying, fire lighting and the safe, responsible use of tools.


Children are active, take ownership of their learning and develop their self-esteem through a variety of independent tasks they take ownership of. Children develop knowledge of sustainability and respect for their learning environment and the outdoors as a whole. Children develop their teamwork skills and increase their capability to work together to solve problems in a variety of ways, taking into account one another’s ideas. Positive relationships are built through these sessions and children are both enabled and empowered to achieve their holistic potential.

What our children say about Forest School…

“I loved making mud pies.”  (Taylor-Jo)

“Forest School is amazing.  You get to toast marshmallows.”  (Lukas)

“The best thing about Forest School is cooking pancakes on a real fire!”  (George-James)

“I had fun swinging on the rope swing at Forest School.”  (Jonathan)

“We got to climb a tree at Forest school.  It was really fun!”  (Indya)

“I enjoyed making a necklace out of wood and string with Mrs Baldwin.”  (Orielle)

“We found a dragon egg and dragon slime when we explored in the forest.”  (Lola and Ryley)