Welcome to Year 4!

Welcome to Year 4 , 2023-24.

Autumn Term

The year will begin with a study of The Romans. Our key questions are Who were the Romans ? What was the Roman Invasion ? Why were the Romans so successful? After half term we will be comparing Rome and Colchester, to find out how much life changed under Roman rule.

Our topic linked guided reading books are Gladiator Boy by David Grimstone and The Thieves of Ostia by Caroline Lawrence.

Mr Meade (Class Teacher)

Above all, be loving. This ties everything together perfectly.  Colossians, 3:14.

Useful information for this year

The Roman Empire and its impact on Britain – Ruthless Romans

Who were the Romans the invasion of Britain and why were the Romans so successful? A Hero's Quest (Gladiator Boy): Amazon.co.uk: David Grimstone:  9780521142489: Books

Children will build on their knowledge from year 3 to consider the invasion of the Romans to Britain and why they were so successful. They will learn about the Celts and their response to the Romans (exploring reasons for their response) with a local history link to the Boudican rebellion. They will learn about Roman settlements and culture.

The Roman Empire and its impact on Britain. Local History – Ruthless Romans
What did the Romans do for us? What is their legacy?

Building upon their knowledge of Italy from last year, children will complete a comparison of Ancient Rome and Colchester. They will learn about how much life changed under Roman rule and what evidence there still is of Roman rule in modern Britain. They will question historical sources of information and learn about key historians and archaeologists who are in this field.