Teatime Club

Welcome to Teatime Club

Teatime club starts at 3:15pm when the children are collected  from their class room by a member of staff from teatime club.  They will then be escorted to the club where lots of fun activities are set up for the children  to enjoy. These may change on a regular basis to make sure that the children always have something fun and new to do!

Teatime club is broken down into three payable sessions, 4:15pm pick up, 5:15pm pick up and 6pm pick up. On arrival at teatime club the children will have snacks and a drink of their choice. If the child is booked in for the 3rd session they will then receive a hot meal and drinks. Each session per day needs to be booked on School Money up to 24 hours before hand, 6pm pick up needs to be booked 48 hours in advance so we can ensure food arrangements have been made.

On collection the children will be escorted out to the parent through the school office.

We are very excited to welcome children to the club and we look forward to seeing some new faces!

Any enquiries please ask Miss McTay, Miss Ramplin or the school office, we are all happy to help!

Teatime Club Leaflet, 2023-24