St Andrew’s Church, Weeley, Essex

Although Weeley as a settlement is noted in the Doomsday Book, valued at £19,- and one ounce of gold, the first mention of a church is in a taxation return of 1291. It is likely that a church was built close to Weeley Hall, the Manor of Weeley, where the settlement was at that time. Later of course the heart of the village moved away from these buildings leaving it in the fields as we find it today.

St Andrew’s Church has been very much part of the community in Weeley ever since it was established and it remains as the Parish church providing a Christian witness and serving the parish as it has for nearly a thousand years.  Our school has had links with St Andrew’s Church going back to when the school was founded in 1797.  We currently attend Harvest Festival and Christmas Carol Concerts at the Church.

Unfortunately, St. Andrew’s is currently in a period of interregnum whilst they await the appointment of a new Parish Priest, however services will continue and the church is led by the Churchwardens and Parochial Church Council, elected annually by those on the Electoral Roll.

Our school has benefited from support from local vicars and Trust support to provide Christian teaching and guidance.