Our Vine Trust Family

The Vine Trust… coming soon…

The Vine Passport

The goal of very child within the Vine Trust, over the academic year, is to complete a Vine Passport!

They will travel around each zone and try to complete as many challenges as they can. They will share their challenges with their class teacher who will tick them off.

Once they have achieved all the challenges in a zone, they will earn a Zone badge!

Arts and  Theatre

Create a self portrait.

Make a model out of recycled material.

Learn a song and perform it.

Play charades and act out film scenes.

Create a dance or learn a new routine.

Hopes, Dreams & Goals

Make a dream catcher.

Create a vision board of something you want to happen.

Set yourself a New Year’s Resolution.

Write your future self a letter.

Draw a picture of you achieving your goals.

Cooking and Baking

Bake a cake, some biscuits or a dessert.

Write the recipe for your favourite sandwich.

Help an adult to make dinner.

Research a famous chef.

Draw and label a picture of your ideal cake.


Write a prayer.

Watch a sunset, how does it make you feel?

What do you think heaven is like? Draw a picture or write a description.

Retell your favourite Bible story.

What makes you happy? Create a heart thought shower.

Living Well

Throw a ball to a partner without dropping it for two minutes.

Perform jumping jacks for 30 seconds if you are in EYFS/KS1 or for 1 minute if you are in KS2.

Try a new vegetable or piece of fruit.

Create a poster to encourage people to stay healthy.

Devise an obstacle course and complete it.

Science & Technology

Research a famous scientist.

Make a list of all the technology in your house.

Write a letter to the past describing your favourite piece of technology.

Test whether 10 different objects sink or float.

Draw a picture of the planets in our solar system.

The World Around Me

Complete some tree rubbings. What patterns can you make?

Go on a nature hunt walk.

Research a country you would love to visit.

Make a bird feeder.

Plant a plant or seeds and help them grow.

Our Community

Help a neighbour.

Complete a litter pick (with gloves!).

Call a grandparent or loved one for a chat.

Say hello to the bin men, bus drivers and delivery people.

Offer to help your parents with a chore.